What is Big Data Analytics and Why is it Important?

Two things are different: knowing what Big Data is and understanding its value. Things. Even with a basic understanding of Big Data analytics, there are still many things. It can be hard to see the value of Information. Initial, The well of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data is apparent at a glance. It seems almost … Read more

How AI Is Used In Big Data

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the learning and development of intelligent machines and software. ICT research is highly technical. Its main problems are the development of software that can reason and gather knowledge, plan intelligently, and communicate with others. AI allows big data users to automate and improve complex predictive and descriptive-analytical tasks that would otherwise … Read more

What is Data Science?

The need to store big data grew as the world moved into the age of big data. This was the primary concern of the enterprise sectors up to 2010. The primary focus was on creating a storage framework and finding solutions. After Hadoop and other frameworks had solved the storage problem, the focus has moved … Read more

What is Big Data ? Definition & Explanation

Companies realize the importance of having large amounts of data available to support their strategies and make informed decisions. The production of digital data has been steadily increasing with the advent of new technologies like the Internet and social media. The heterogeneous amount of digital data created by individuals and companies is called “Big Data.” … Read more